Aug 25, 2008

My Madness

Sorry guys I can't be serious all the time especially after watching a hilarious Japanese drama. This girl needs to have some space to talk about her addiction to Asian drama/music thus this entry is gonna be about Asians, my love, my madness.

Let me start with the hilarious drama Brother Beat. Hey Magic watch this special it's not translated but don't worry you'll get the main idea.

You know how much I love their mom (talking about the drama) especially when she kicks Hayami or when she says Wakarimashta :D she's really amazing I wish that my mom can act like her wanna have a crazy mom like her.

Anyways I remember that you asked me for some recommendations, ummmm I can't recommend you a drama because now I'm not in the mood to watch something out of 10 or 12 episodes but I can recommend you some movies if you want.

I'm not sure if you watched Lee Jun Ki's movie the one that was about his relationship with his parents so if you have not watched it you'd better go and watch it. It's called What should I do? Also there's another Korean movie which you can watch it's called My Friend Tutor part 2

Here's a summary: a Japanese-Korean girl Junko (Lee Cheong Ah) travels to Seoul as an exchange student in hopes of seeing a Korean student whom she had fallen in love with in Japan. When she arrives at her new university, she finds out that her love-to-be is in the army. On top of that, the guesthouse she's staying at is full of rowdy young guys, including the owner's grating son Jong Man (Park Ki Woong) who also happens to be her Korean tutor. This disagreeable tutor, however, is a lot more interested in teaching her inappropriate words than conjugation.


Let's move to music. Here's a song by Yuna Ito and by the way she's half Japanese. Now I want you to watch this song and then tell me who's the guitar guy? The one with the long hair I'm sure you'll recognize him Oy don't try to steal him from me he's mine & mine forever!!!


And here's my favorite song Be the One by Boa I guess that in this song her inner voice speaks to her I'm not sure about that but I'm sure that the one wearing black represents the Yin and the one wearing white represents the Yang & the two should be united together.

That's all I got for today. Gommai for not posting pictures for your guy Kimura it's hard to find good pictures for Abo Koshaa & don't forget to say hi to him :p

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