Jul 27, 2008

"O" by DBSK

This song talks about the dilemma of the modern man. It questions man's sickness of this world, lose of faith, and tries to put an end to it by following some of the Asian believes, Jeong (righteousness) Ban (opposition) Hap (harmony) But will that work???

Yo! U Know ( his friend's name ), let's try some noise bit.
"O" "O" "O" Let's do this.

So tell me, what do you think about the way things are?

If you step back and look at this generation,

there's no principle, no rule and no absolute truth

does your figure in this era always come back to its original form?

(You're struggling to understand what justice and truth is.)

The ideal that doesn't exist in reality…

means nothing!

…."O..." Now I'm afraid of the opposition that only exists for one's profit

We will be drifting without destination

Now the one I'm searching for

Is the effort to be together

….Let us join hands and shout together.

Our dreams should come true

People who thirst for this dream to be realized…

Gather courage in the form of Jeong (righteousness)

You know! Check it, check yo!

Irrational disputes, flying at each other.

Here we go, right now! An open mind yo! Open mind!

That's how we'll find a resolution.

I have to go I have to go gotta make my Ban Jeong, rightly Jeong, till it's right.

The effort of Jeong (righteousness) Ban (opposition) Hap (harmony)

will someday make the dream bloom on this earth.

When everyone works towards even a small dream,

Things will change. We just have to pave the road.

I mustn't hinder the flow of progress with the weight of my Ban (opposition).

We can coexist at any time!

"O..." I don't know why, I'm still afraid. Am I doing this the right way?

"O..." We struggle towards our destination.

Always believing that a growing harmony

Will surely be achieved.

Someday, like a blooming flower,

wouldn't it brighten the earth?

Jeong! (righteousness)

Ban! (opposition)

Hap! (harmony)……

Burdened by scars, it seems you face trials in the dark.

Even if you start to feel like retreating,

No matter what, don't stop! Don't stop!

"O..." Don't be afraid. Keep going on for life,

"O..." All the way, until there's nothing left.

All we seek now is effort for the sake of Hap (harmony)

Let us join hands and shout together.

People who thirst for this dream to be realized...

Gather courage in the form of Jeong (righteousness)!

In this society, people go about

Offering neither right nor left hand. We just have to pave the road,

Nothing can stop us. Silence the doubts--Ah!

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