Aug 20, 2009

~Random Thoughts~

These are some random thoughts I wrote down on my notebook and wanted to share them with my readers. Yeah, this post is more like Twitter, but without the 140 character limit!
Here are my random thoughts:
  • After attending several weddings I found out that lots of Saudis (both male and females) believe in the myth of Cinderella!! The groom searches for his beautiful Cinderella and once the girl's beauty matches the beauty of his imaginary Cinderella, he immediately proposes to her. The bride accepts his proposal thinking that he is her Charming Prince, her salvation, and that once she marries him she'll gain her freedom and independence. But when their fantasy wedding is over and when the spell is broken, they're unable to face reality because both of them liked that story of Cinderella and both wanted to be part of it. However neither of them thought of what will happen to them when the dream is over!
  • Can't stand Arabic love poems :/ Aren't those poets aware that their poems are centered around themselves and that they talk less about their lover!
  • I don't understand why Saudis ban camera phones inside the ladies' section in Prophet's Mosque in Al-Madinah?!! I wonder what harm am I going to cause with my camera phone and all the women inside the mosque are covered?!! P.S. what's the use of banning camera phones and there are hundreds of security cameras inside the mosque?!!!!
  • I have seen female employees at the Department of Civil Affairs going out to their homes at 11:30 a.m.!! and what's worse is that their boss was among them!!! Now would those same LAZY, IRRESPONSIBLE employees be able to sneak out from their jobs if they worked for a private company? They wouldn't dare to do so!! They would work hard and would try their best not to upset me because "the customer" is their boss and the boss of their boss :D
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