Dec 5, 2008

From the Cord of Hope

Hope is agony,

yet we hope.


We hope secretly

while hope publicly mocks us.


Even denying hope,

I hope. And I resent it.


Hope is the whip of Time

spurring us forward.


And I seek to be a sage when young,

to recover youth's paradise when old,


to be free by virtue of that illness, love,

and a captive of love when I'm free,


to be eloquent when reticent

and reticent when pearls come in my speech.


We all sow hope.

And after all our toil, hope is all we reap.


Hope is a tightrope

on which we teeter above the sea of life

like acrobats


Yet hope nibbles its own cord

as the seconds eat away their thread

Mikhail Nu'aymah

translated by Sharif S. Elmusa with Gregory Orfalea
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